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Aglaonema Silver Bay/ Chinese Evergreen Plant



The Chinese evergreen comes from SouthEast Asia, where you’ll find it modestly basking in the dappled light under large tropical trees. It spreads freely and can often be found covering large areas of ground.

The name aglaonema is derived from the Greek ‘Aglos’, meaning bright, and ‘nema’, meaning thread, because of those variegated patterns on her leaves. There are a huge number of different varieties with colours ranging from silver and grey to red and orange.

Introduced to the UK in the late 1800s, it’s become a very popular small indoor plant because it’s so low-maintenance. It requires very little light or watering, so is highly suited to to darker rooms or office desks.

Did you know?

In China, the Chinese evergreen is considered a lucky plant. We can’t promise it will bring you great fortune, but it’s worth a try.

Repotting option is available. The cost for repotting will include an Ecopot, saucer, extra soil, and topping. 

Repotting option is available. Cost for repot will include an Ecopot, saucer, extra soil and topping.

About Ecopot

ECOPOTS from Scandinavia gives ‘sustainability’ a whole new meaning. Ecopot designs, produces, and sells eco pots made from recycled plastic and ensure they are sturdy, beautiful, and stylish, not only today but also tomorrow and even in ten years’ time. Ecopot follows the Scandinavian design philosophy. In short, this philosophy is about creating a calm and clutter-free home as a counterbalance to hectic and stressful daily lives. It is being characterized by clean and simple lines, minimalism, and the use of natural colors and materials. 

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Plant size: 70cm(H)

Original Pot: 35cm diameter

Ecopot: 40cm(L) x 35cm (H) in Grey

Ecopot Saucer: 36.5cm(D) x 3.5(H) in Grey

Care Instructions

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