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Organic Green Papaya (600g)


Organic Green Papaya

Our produce are the freshest and tastiest in Hong Kong. We work only with trusted local farmers who have a reliable certification. To ensure quality, our fresh vegetables are harvested on the day or on the following morning of your order. 

We deliver our fresh produce without plastic or unnessary packaging, we ship out goods to you in our reusable tote bags. We thank you for shopping mindfully. 

Delivery info

Order cut-off time is 20:00pm every Monday & Wednesday, farmers will harvest and delivery the fresh produce every Tuesday & Thursday, expect public holidays.



Good To Know

  • Improves Digestive Health. 
  • Helps Treat Infections. 
  • Reduces Signs of Skin Aging. 
  • Improves Lactation in New Mothers. 
  • Offers Relief from Menstrual Pain. 
  • Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease. 
  • Promotes Wound Healing.

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