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Ricemilk Crunch Chocolate Bar (32g)



Packed with gluten-free crispy rice, this chocolate bar has the perfect bite of crunchy, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Made with rice milk, it’s not only dairy-free, but nut-free and soy-free, too!


Unsweetened Chocolate
Our Unsweetened Chocolate is comprised of Cocoa Liquor (non-Alcoholic) and Cocoa Butter (non-dairy of course).Both these ingredients come simply from grinding down a cocoa bean – nothing else is added to it.

Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Butter, despite its name, is dairy-free. After the cocoa bean is extracted from the shell, the bean is then ground into a liquid called Cocoa/Chocolate Liquor. From that point, the fat is extracted from the liquor, which is called Cocoa Butter (non-dairy of course). Once the Cocoa Butter is removed, all that remains is Cocoa Powder.

Rice Crisps
Crispy bits of puffed rice help deliver the satisfying texture in many of our products. We use two types of Rice Crisps in our products. One includes rice flour, rice bran, raisin juice concentrate, honey and salt and is found in our Ricemilk Crunch Chocolate Bar and some flavors of Chewy bars. Our plant-based Grain & Seed bars also use a vegan version of rice crisps, made of only rice flour, cane sugar and salt. Each product’s ingredient list will specify which type of Rice Crisps the product contains



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