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Salt Lamp (Small)


All Lhamour salt lamps are carved from single pieces of Mongolian rock salt. The salt is sourced from the Uuvs province located in the northwest of Mongolia and each lamp is uniquely special, as different salt pieces will have different grain, colour and internal patterns.

Lhamour salt lamps have been handcrafted into the shape of a “Ger” or “Yurt”, as they are known in the West, which is the traditional dwelling of nomadic Mongolians. The word “Ger” also means “home” in the Mongolian language and is an iconic symbol of Mongolia. In the countryside, nomadic Mongolians will customarily offer the warmth and comfort of their Gers for passers-by who are lost or may be caught in bad weather.

The lamp convey that same warmth and comfort in your home with soft and gentle ambient light that creates a warm and relaxing atmosphere. In addition to looking fantastic, salt lamps also have a number of properties that may benefit the home:

1. Salt lamps emit negative ions, which are associated with increased blood flow and energy levels. These negative ions can also help to counteract the impact of potentially harmful positively charged ions that are produced by electronic devices such as phones, tablets and television.

2. Salt is a natural anti-bacterial and attracts moisture (where most bacteria lives). A salt lamp in your home may therefore assist in improving the air quality in a room.

3. Ambient light is known to have a soothing and relaxing effect that can improve mood and well-being. The light emitted from the lamps is gentle and suitable for sleeping.


Approximate size (may vary as each is handmade): 13cm diameter * 13cm tall

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