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7 Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning Tips in Hong Kong

7 Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning Tips in Hong Kong

Spring is here. The time has come, once again, to open up the windows, air out your home, clear away the clutter, and do a little spring cleaning to welcome the new season.

To help you get started, here are some helpful environmentally-friendly spring-cleaning tips:


  1. Air out your home naturally.

Forget the toxic “air fresheners”. The simplest and most effective way to air out your home and lower the indoor air pollution levels is to open your windows. Let a nice breeze in and create a cross flow so the bad air goes out and the fresh, clean air comes in.



  1. Use old clothes and fabrics, rather than paper, for cleaning supplies.

Ditch the paper towels and switch to reusable towels instead like our unpaper towels or you can cut up some old towels or T-shirts that are just lying around and use those as cleaning rags. You can always recycle unwanted textiles rather than throwing it out on the landfill.


  1. Create your own non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Spring cleaning should be getting rid of harmful chemicals and toxins in your home to make your home cleaner, more eco-friendly, and safer for you and your family. Fresh lemons, white vinegar, baking soda, olive oil, and coffee grounds are some non-toxic cleaning solutions that you can use naturally in your home. If you need a natural disinfectant, you can make your own also with the use of essential oils. If you have no time to create your own cleaning solution, check out our eco-friendly cleaning essentials here.

  1. 4. Donate, sell or give away items you no longer use.

Donate your old clothes, appliances, tools, and other gently worn items to a local charity or thrift store like 2nd Chance in Tuen Mun, A break 93 in Causeway Bay, Christian Action, Flow Bookshop in Sheung Wan, JupYeah and Retykle. Depending on the value of an item, you may want to sell it online through a reputable site. You can also ask your family or relatives if they have an interest of taking items you no longer use. Whatever you do, make sure to spend a little time going through closets, cupboards, and cabinets.


  1. Brighten up you home with some colorful flowers and air-purifying plants.

Beautify your home with spring flowers and plants. Utilize some of nature’s freshness to keep your house clean and green and eliminate certain types of toxins. Plants can naturally purify the air and also increase oxygen levels and help improve your overall mood. Most of these plants are low-maintenance and easy to take care of. You can also shop for diffusers to make your space smell good naturally.


  1. Use water and energy efficiently

Try not to leave the water running unless you are using it or catching it in a bucket. Make necessary repairs on leaky faucets or pipers. Install a low-flow toilet or low-flow shower head. Only run your dishwasher and washing machine when you have a full load.


Make sure to use energy efficiently. As you clean, check that nothing is plugged into an outlet unnecessarily. Clean refrigerator coils to increase energy efficiency. Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or LEDS and don’t forget to clean air ducts. If you also have a space where you can hang and air dry your clothes, that can also be a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly option.


  1. Compost expired food and donate the rest.

When cleaning out and organizing your pantry, check the expiration dates. Compost any food that is too old to eat at any Eco Community Promotion Association Limited (ECPAL) food recycling bins located in: Sai Ying Pun, North Point, Pok Fu Lam, Wan Chai, Ap Lei Chau, Repulse Bay, and Kennedy Town.

You can also donate any unopened, unexpired shelf-stable goods to a local shelter like Food Angel. This way, nothing goes to the landfill.


These are just some of our environmentally-friendly tips from your KIRR family. Are there any more spring-cleaning tips that you have been practicing before? We would love to know and learn from you. Don’t forget to tag us with #KIRRHK or #Kommunity when you’ll be documenting your spring cleaning this season!


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