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  1. KIRR stands for keeping it real and raw.

  2. Is online shopping sustainable?
    The way some companies do it? No. The way we do it? Yes! The truth is, most online retailers rely on expedited shipping practices delivered in boxes overflowing with plastic and styrofoam to ensure the product doesn’t get damaged when dashing to your door.

    But we’re doing online shopping differently. Each order comes packaged using recycled and reused cardboard boxes with paper-fill–not foam peanuts, styrofoam or bubble plastic wrap. The boxes annd packaging our brands send us, we lovingly repurpose to send back to you. These are just some of the ways the ways we’re changing the impact of online shopping

  3. What is your stance on vegan products?
    We totally support vegan products, and vegan lifestyles, but you’ll find that not all products on KIRR are vegan. We aim to offer sustainable solutions for all of us eco-warriors, and some of these solutions include using natural ingredients like sustainably sourced beeswax or ethically sourced, non-mulesed wool.

    Having said that, we do carry a large range of vegan products that support your lifestyle! Look for the Sustainability Logos on each product page, or simply type “Vegan” in the search bar!

  4. Is everything on KIRR 100% sustainable?
    Brace yourselves–there’s no such thing as “100% sustainable”. We’ve found that “sustainability” means different things to different people, and we’d be hard-pressed to find any product that does it all 100% perfectly (though we try!). We admire eco-warriors of all backgrounds, beliefs, and practices – after all, we’re all on the same path of to make the world a better place.

    Every product requires energy and resources, but we search for brands that are doing their best to take responsibility for these impacts. Whether that means using natural and biodegradable materials, utilizing recycled waste, or working with companies that give back to the planet, we’re confident that any product you buy on KIRR has a lower impact than traditional “stuff”. We search for those pioneering the sustainable movement.

  5. I am unable to find the product I want on your platform, can you help?
    If there is something you are looking for in particular and it’s not on our platform, send us an e-mail! We can try our best to help source for them.

  6. What is your shipping arrangement?
    Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page to learn more.


  1. Are you affiliated with The Cakery?
    Shirley Kwok is the founder of both The Cakery and KIRR. The Cakery was launched in 2016 – a healthy bakery that offers a wide range of gluten free, vegan, refined sugar free, sugar free etc. products. Shirley believes in conscious living and wanted to promote the idea further to make the world a better place to live in. She decided to launch another platform, KIRR, a platform that can make conscious living and sustainable products more accessible to everyone. The Cakery is located in various prime locations therefore KIRR offers customers to pick up their orders at any of The Cakery locations.