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KIRRAsks: 12 Questions With Joyce Lau

KIRRAsks: 12 Questions With Joyce Lau

Here's another KIRRAsks entry and we had the privilege to interview Joyce Lau, a mother, wife, and the CEO and Founder of Naked Lab, a Hong Kong based luxury and vegan brand of Bamboo Silk beddings and more. Get to know more about her and her mission.
  1. What made you start Naked Lab?

Naked Lab was founded in 2018 when I became a mother of my baby girl, Pia. When Pia was 2 months old, she was battling a serious eczema situation.

With this sudden urgent need to focus more on skin and sleep health, I struggled as a new mother shopping for quality bedding that doesn't break the bank. Many options at big box stores were overwhelming and unreliable in terms of quality. That sparked my curiosity to find out that the bedding industry was very ambiguous and antiquated. This frustration initiated the beginning of my journey and the birth of Naked Lab.

Retailers were selling high-end bedding at up to ten times mark-up, inflating thread counts, and operating on bloated supply chains that added to cost but not quality. I had no background in textiles or manufacturing, but I soon realized just how savvy one can become after spending one year educating myself on the industry, visiting factories and sampling fabrics.

Focusing on Oeko-Tex certified free from harmful chemical BambooSilk™️ fabric, the brand started out with just one product line, a pink baby cot sheet for Pia, and has since added kid's bedding, adult beddings and pajamas are yet to launch!

Naked Lab offers beddings in range of classy colors that are truly an affordable luxury.


  1. What is your mission with your company?

I believe a person’s well-being is very important. A good sleep gives you not just good health but a good mindset. And I think those are the two powerful things that open up opportunities to many great things. To me, Naked Lab is not just about selling beddings, it is about creating a happy home for a happy life, it is about relaxing and recharging, for another happy day to come.


  1. What has your journey as a momtrepreneur been like?

I think my life is common for every momtrepreneur; having a full-time job, a newborn at home, and starting a business at the same time can be very tricky and rewarding at the same time. For Naked Lab, I had set myself a high standard for quality because it started with finding the right bedding for my baby girl, Pia.

As a mother, I understand how much care and time parents spend to give the best for their kids and family. In order to launch the business, I knew the quality of the product was something that I cannot compromise, so I have spent countless, sleepless nights getting the R&D right.

It was tough but when customers came back and shared with me how much the products have helped them with their skin/sleep problem, or just how much they love Naked Lab, I felt overjoyed and fulfilled.

Slowly but surely, there was a growing number of returning customers and referrals; that has truly been the highlight and the definite drive of the business.


  1. What is the toughest part of your job?

I don’t really have a tough part to be honest. Everything comes quite naturally, which I’m very grateful for.


  1. Define what sustainable living mean to you?

There are many definitions of sustainability, but essentially it means living in a way that meets our need for food, water and shelter, without harming our environment or compromising the availability of essential resources for future generations.

Whether our home is a small apartment or a large house – there’s plenty we can do to make it more eco-friendly.

Reuse, recycle – which can be a really fun arts & crafts project with the kids

Food waste – don’t stock up food at home, and buy bulk when you see the discount sign. Go to the market, buy fresh ingredients – and have a better, tidier looking home as well!

Packaging – most of the packaging nowadays can be recycled. Check where your communal recycling bins are, and always bring a small shopping bag with you.

Textiles – clothes and other textiles can be donated to charities or you can sell them! Buy good quality clothing and don’t support fast fashion.

Buy Naked Lab bedding because it is made from one of the most sustainable plants on earth! Haha.



  1. What role does sustainability play in your life?

There are many benefits to sustainability, both short-term and long-term. We cannot maintain our Earth’s ecosystems or continue to function as we do if more sustainable choices are not made. If harmful processes are maintained with no change, it is likely that we will run out of fossil fuels, huge numbers of animal species will become extinct, and the atmosphere will be irreparably damaged. Clean air and non-toxic atmospheric conditions, growth of resources that can be relied upon, and water quality and cleanliness, are all benefits of sustainability.

I think it is very easy to live sustainably when you implement small changes and make it a habit. Start with recycling, and pay more attention with what we are eating, and using!


  1. What is your view on climate change? And do you think you are part of the solution of this problem?

Textile industry is the second most polluting industry. A lot of the fashion brands are opening up to bring in a more environmentally friendly textile, so why not bedding industry?

Us, entrepreneurs are in the best position to push the limits of creativity and innovation to deliver products that are both more sustainable and affordable so that consumers face no trade-offs. This way, the product can scale rather than being relegated to a niche market exclusively for the most environmentally aware consumers.


  1. What is the hardest part to be sustainable in Hong Kong?

I think it is hard because the supporting system is not mature yet to make it easy and affordable. Yes, there's a recycling bin, but not a lot of households are willing to bring their trash to the local collection point when you can just dump them at your back door. I also think it has a lot to do with general education. If this is widely educated enough, and it is the “usual” practice, and “cool” thing to do (it is cool to be responsible) , then I think people will be willing to do it more often and hence becomes a habit.


  1. What are some of your favorite sustainable brands?

I like Slowood-- where you can buy organic groceries.

I like KIRR-- where you can find good quality brand of sustainable lifestyle product, saves me a lot of time to do research!

I like Retykle-- where I can buy good quality and branded preloved clothing for my kids, also you can sell your preloved items with them!


  1. Where do you get your inspirations?

Reading. There are a few bloggers and KOL's who often post ways and trends to live sustainably.


  1. What is your life motto?

Live life to the fullest, be happy every day, and celebrate everything every day.


  1. Three words to describe yourself?

Positive, Caring, Empathetic


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