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KIRRLiving: Why Urban Farming by Agnes Yeung

KIRRLiving: Why Urban Farming by Agnes Yeung

Do you notice any idle space around you? You might not have noticed but think of the rooftop of the building you work at and the podium of the block you live in. Are they serving any purposes? Although land is so expensive in Hong Kong, some space remains underutilised. Who wouldn’t agree that we should make good use of those spaces for greening. Urban farming can take one step further by planting not only ornamental plants, but also organic vegetables that can be enjoyed by urbanites.

Urbanites are often too busy to pay attention to what they eat and urban farming enables them to reconnect with nourishing food. Despite the therapeutic effect of seeing the plants grow, growing your own food gives you the freshest organic vegetables you can never buy from markets. The quality of seeds, soil, fertilisers and water can be assured so food safety is no longer a concern. Also, getting food from the rooftop reduces consumption of imported vegetables that are transported and stored for a long time, which lightens our carbon footprint.

After learning the benefits of urban farming, we will share more ideas and tips in future posts.


About the author

Agnes Yeung - An urban farming enthusiast who worked in local farms for years and founded Grow Something to help Hong Kongers harvest the freshest organic vegetable grown in the city.



FB/IG: @growsomethinghk

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