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5 Reasons Why Soy Candles Are Way Better - KIRR

5 Reasons Why Soy Candles Are Way Better

Start your weekend right by indulging yourself in stress-relieving aromas

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While lighting up a few scented candles around your home helps create a cozy and intimate ambience, it is not easy to choose the right scented candles.
To shop wisely, we recommend choosing soy candles over regular paraffin candles.
Here are the top 5 reasons why.

  1. Soy candles are natural

Soy candles are not made from petroleum products. It is well-known that petroleum is a non-renewable resource, which is being depleted at an ever-increasing pace. As the world’s population increases, so does its energy needs. Petroleum is the world’s primary fuel source, and as such it has reached an all time high in demand. Soy candles, being made from natural ingredients, are not dependant on this supply of petroleum and are a product of a totally renewable resource.

  1. Soy candles burn 50% longer

Soy candles burn twice as long as regular candles.  They also burn more evenly, leaving almost no excess wax on the sides of the jar, and can be cleaned up easily with just soap and water!

  1. Soy candles burn cleaner

Soy candles burn cleaner than regular paraffin candles do. As a result, they don’t produce much black soot like paraffin candles do. Candle soot is more of a nuisance than you might realize. If you burn a lot of candles, over time it can discolor your walls & furniture and stain the edges of your carpet!

(Photo credits: pinterest)

  1. Soy candles are non-toxic

Since soy candles are made with vegetable oil, they have a lower melting point (so the wax itself doesn’t get as hot), and therefore produce negligible amounts of soot and release no known carcinogens into the air. Compared to paraffin candles, soy wax candles are much healthier for humans, pets, and the environment. Plus, when the wax is spilled onto candle holders, carpet, or furniture pieces, it is easier to clean up (just use soap and water).

  1. The scent from soy candles is much stronger

Soy candles smell stronger and more pleasant than the scent from paraffin wax candles. Due to the lower melting point of soy wax, there is a larger amount of the liquid wax pool around the candle wick itself. It is from this liquid wax pool and the wick itself that the essential oils evaporate into the atmosphere.
KIRR recommends soy candles from BBB candle co..

Each of their product is hand poured and made-to-order in small batches from the highest quality PURE  soy wax and finest grade fragrant oil with no other additives
They use either cotton braid lead free wicks or Eco sustainable wood wicks to create the perfect fragranced candle, that makes their candles better for you, your family and the environment.

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