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KIRRAsks: Alive Food

KIRRAsks: Alive Food

With GreenPass launching, we're thrilled to share with you the inspiring stories behind our Alive Food Co, one of our GreenPass partners. Learn about what Jennifer Lai, the founder of Alive Food has to say and how important it is for us to get fermented food to keep our guts healthy that is in charge of our over-all health.

We’ve partnered with Hong Kong’s leading green restaurants to help bring you a wide variety of vegan/vegetarian dishes. Let us work together towards a healthier lifestyle and make change, one bite at a time.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what’s the story behind the restaurant?

Hello! This is Jennifer here and I am the founder of Alive Food, a local artisan fermented food brand where everything is made with healthy live bacteria that supports our gut health and ONLY fresh ingredients. ALIVE EATERY, is an extension of Alive Food group’s fermentation concept, providing healthy, yet delicious food made from scratch. Incorporating with artisan fermentation
technique, our menu is carefully designed according to fresh seasonal items. We want to create a place where people can eat healthy without compromising the flavor, in a fun and cheerful environment.

2. How would you describe your restaurant in 3 words, and which
are your top 3 dishes?

Alive ; Authentic ; Homey

Vegan cashew cream cheese with cherry tomato on thick-cut sourdough toast ; Caramelized sourdough bread pudding ; vegetable paella

3. What inspired you to offer a green menu?

We want to create a menu to showcase eating green and eating healthy actually goes hand in hand. Incorporating fermentation technique allows us to elevate simple ingredients and turn them into mind-blowing flavors.

Other than offering a green menu, our kitchen also practices a no-waste policy, where we upcycle ingredients that otherwise would be considered trash and make them edible again.

Going green not only is good for our body but also benefits our environment!

4. What do you think about veganism overall in Hong Kong? Do you
think it is just a short term trend?

As Covid-19 hit, people are becoming more aware of what they consume and the kind of impact they have on the environment. I would say veganism is certainly not just a trend, but rather a lifestyle that comes with it. We can see lots of big players in the industry are also making impactful changes as the benefits of veganism spread. Not only in Hong Kong but also worldwide.

5. What is your food philosophy?

You are what you eat

6. What is your view on climate change? And do you think you are
part of the solution to this problem?

I think it is inevitable that climate change is happening backed by evidence. I’ll do the best I could to contribute, but it certainly takes a group effort to be a part of the solution in a bigger picture. Many a little makes a mickle!

7. How would you convince non-vegan folks to reduce their meat

I think the best way is to form a long-lasting habit by reducing meat consumption one meal at a time, even if it is just a portion of it will still be a good start! Once the habit is formed, our body will naturally respond to it and provide us with the best reward both physically and mentally.

8. What’s next for your company?

Fast food has penetrated through our modern-day society, making processed food sometimes even more affordable than “real food". With the increasing demand, Alive food aims to consistently create more healthy food that is readily available for everyone with our reasonably priced products to make going green more accessible.

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