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KIRRLiving: What are the Skin Impacts of Pollution? by Coyran Cheung

Written by Rachel Ma


Posted on November 11 2020

Do you know we are facing pollution everywhere every day? UV exposure, air pollution, light pollution, ozone depletion, allergens and even seasonal aggressors are the major problems that can lead to different impacts on our skin.
So, what are the skin impacts of pollution?

Squalene and vitamin E are the main antioxidants of the skin. However, when exposed to pollution, these antioxidants will be depleted to combat oxidative stress in the skin, causing dry skin. Moreover, the tiny size of pollutants sometimes may infiltrate deeper layers of the epidermis, causing inflammation and sensitive skin. Pollution can also lead to excessive sebum secretion, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity by breaking down collagen and the lipid layer in the skin that impairs skin barrier function. It results premature ageing finally.

People are aware of the dangers of pollution but very few take action to protect themselves against it. OSCO exists to raise your health consciousness, solve your skin concerns and bring you back to nature.We are going to talk about how to repair and protect your skin against pollution in the next post. Please stay tuned!
Coyran Cheung, founder of OSCO.



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