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Written by Rachel Ma


Posted on April 17 2020

“Sustainable” is a word that we now hear on a near-daily basis, with the notion of sustainability having gradually migrated into the mainstream. However, aside from being a marketing buzzword, the concept remains foreign to a large swath of the population, and there continue to be many misconceptions surrounding the topic:

· Sustainability is hard
· Sustainability is too expensive
· Sustainability isn’t practical
· I don’t have the time to live a sustainable lifestyle
· “Sustainable” is a synonym for “green”
· Sustainability means lowering our standard of living
· Sustainability means boring, plain products
· Recycling is the only way to achieve sustainability
· Sustainable people are a bunch of hippies
· You have to be vegan

Understanding the concept of sustainability is not something that can happen overnight. It’s about shaping ideas, challenging norms, and venturing outside your comfort zone. You can either choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution.

In September 2018, I launched the Conscious Living campaign at The Cakery, in order to be a part of the solution. In order to broaden the scope of the campaign, I decided to launch a sister brand, KIRR (Keeping It Real & Raw), whose sole focus is the future of sustainability. Through the platform, I hope to help change misconceptions about sustainability and build a global community for sharing goals and ideas towards the concept.

We have the opportunity to play a decisive role in a sustainable future, and I believe that we owe it to future generations to act now.



Shirley Kwok



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