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Ever felt like you need an extra burst of energy in the morning? Beta glucans found in Cordyceps Sinensis promote oxygen levels which increase our energy carrying molecules known as ATP. This helps maintain high energy levels keeping us at optimum performance. The Adaptogens found in Cordyceps Sinensis also support the bodies ability to cope with physical and mental stress by reducing fatigue. What a great way to start the day!

(10 pods per box)

The Beans

Ethiopian Mormora Guji, Guatemala Finca Morito and Colombian Popayan beans make up this eclectic infusion of silky-smooth flavours. Characterised by milk chocolate and caramel aromas this blend was roasted by the best in Marrickville, Sydney.

Direction For Use

Flush your machine with hot water by running once with no capsule in the machine. Meanwhile warm up your coffee cup by rinsing with hot water. Pop the capsule in your machine and brew your coffee. Channel your inner coffee aficionado and try it with a dash of oat milk. There will never be another coffee for you.

About Beams Coffee

Tree Planting

For every 200 boxes that we purchase, our provider will plant 1 tree and gift it through EcoMatcher.

Paper and Cardboard Packaging

All materials are paper and cardboard based and are made from at least 50% post-consumer content. The standard finish for our packaging is matte varnish which doesn’t contain any plastic layers like matte lamination does.

Soy-based Ink

The ink used is soy-based, which is environmentally friendly and produces eye-catching vibrant colors. Soy-based ink is produced from soybean oil, mixed with natural resins and waxes. Not only is it non-toxic and easier to recycle, it’s also more cost effective than traditional petroleum ink.

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