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Milk Oolong (50g)

by Teawala
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Famous for its naturally buttery mouthfeel, Jin Xuan - known around the world as Milk Oolong - is a Taiwanese tea varietal developed in the 80's. While it is unfortunately often artificially flavored for consumption abroad, our Milk Oolong is the original, all-natural Jinxuan tea, simply drawing on a longer oxidation period to enhance its inherent milky flavours.

Watch as each individual ball unfurls into a perfect bud and 3 leaves, steeping a beautiful amber green liquor in your cup. Sniff the empty cup to really enjoy the interplay of nutty-ness, warm milk and fresh flowers – it’s quite an addictive aroma! Perfect for milk tea lovers who want to transition into pure teas. 

Tea Specs

Picked:  Nov 2019 (Winter harvest)
Origin:  Shanlinxi, Taiwan | 1000m Elevation 
Leaf: Jinxuan (Golden Day Lily) | 1 bud 3 leaves
Craft:  Picked, withered, tossed, fried, ball-rolled & charcoal-baked
Notes:  Caramel Fudge, Hazelnut, Creamy, Orchid
Benefits: Boosts mental alertness
Caffeine: Yes



Brew Instructions

We recommend brewing in a Gaiwan for this tea, but it can also be enjoyed Western style. 

Chinese Brew (Gaiwan): 4g | 150ml | 95°C | 1 min | +20 sec for additional brews | Can steep ~ 6 times

Western Brew (Mug / Teapot): 5g | 350ml | 95°C | 2 min | + 1 min for additional brews | Can steep ~ 3 times

Good To Know

Farm Story

Our Milk Oolong has been sourced directly from a 3rd generation producer in Shanlinxi, Taiwan. At 1000m elevation, their tea farms are interwoven with bamboo forests in classic Shanlinxi fashion. They use the artisanal method of ball-rolling tea, using cloth bags to roll the tea in 18kg batches - a dying art in Taiwan.