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KIRR Eats: Introducing Sincerely Aline - KIRR

KIRR Eats: Introducing Sincerely Aline

We welcome our new KOMMUNITY contributor, Sincerely Aline.
Hello all,
I’m Aline, and the recipe developer/ blogger behind Sincerely Aline, a passion project I started last year out of my love for all things food. Sincerely Aline is about wholesome, simple, fuss-free cooking and living a (mostly!) healthy lifestyle. 
Sincerely Aline
 I’ve been cooking since I was young and grew up around a family of foodies. Discussions were constantly had about what the next meal would be while we were eating the current meal! Still a typical occurrence at my family’s dining table. Food was and remains to be an integral part of my life; I love feeding people and love to entertain! I’m half Chinese and half English and grew up in Hong Kong, and I get inspired by the food I enjoyed during my childhood and around my travels. I love visiting my local markets and various zero-waste grocery stores in Hong Kong, such as KIRR, and enjoy seeing what’s in season, or flicking through cookbooks, food magazines, and scrolling through Instagram for inspiration. 
Sincerely Aline's recipe
Buckwheat Soba Noodles in a Coconut Tom Yum Broth by Sincerely Aline
When I’m recipe developing, I think of ingredients I like and work out as many variations of it as I can think of. I love spices, anything with heat, and garlic, and I tend to use a mixture of ingredients. I try to create dishes that can be easily recreated, especially for people who are particularly time-sensitive, or for families who don't always have the time to cook. 
Sincerely Aline's recipe2
Summer Lunch Plate by Sincerely Aline
 I turned towards more of a plant-based diet (I would say around 85%) after watching a documentary at a screening of ‘Let us be Heroes in 2018  by the filmmaker Rebecca Cappelli, which explores the impact of food and lifestyle choices on our health, ethical issues, whilst looking at the rise of preventable diseases and the damage being done to the environment. This documentary truly opened my eyes, and since then shifted my attitude towards food and the importance of consuming more mindfully. This was as well, in part, my way of contributing to protecting the environment. 
Pan Fried Marinated Tofu
Pan Fried Marinated Tofu
A lot of my thought process on the recipes I develop is, how do I keep things interesting? I want people to be inspired to eat and cook more plant-based dishes, and to see that they too can be very delicious and enjoyable. 
Kimchi Shiitake Dumplings
Sincerely Aline’s Instagram: @sincerelyaline 

Keep an eye on KIRR's KOMMUNITY for more of Sincerely Aline's exciting recipes and cooking tips!
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